This juicy, water free 10% Vitamin C serum is formulated in a silicone base and is the ideal product for repairing the skin! Our revitalizing and skin stabilising sun serum works to counterbalance the harmful effects of pollution, environmental stressors, and free radicals on the skin. Our Vitamin C contains a high concentrated form of Vitamin C and an assortment of antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients that will improve the appearance of any uneven skin tone. Great under make up and can be used on all skin types! THIS PRODUCT IS VEGAN!

HOW TO USE: Use 1-2 pumps after cleansing routine and massage gently into skin. Do not use with other active ingredients as may cause irritation. Always follow with a sunscreen of 30+ or greater during the day.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Isododecane, Ascorbic Acid, Propylene glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Tocopherol acetate (Vit E), Sweet Italian Orange Oil, Polysilicone-11